AbigailAbishagAdah (Esau's Wife)
Adah and ZillahAhinoamAnna
CandaceDeborahDeborah (Rebekah's Nurse)
EveEzekiel's WifeHagar
HannahHerodiasJarius' Daughter
JehoshebaJephthah's DaughterJezebel
JoannaJob's WifeJudith
Lot's DaughtersLot's WifeLydia
Mary MagdaleneMary of CleopasMary the Mother of James and Salome
Mary the Mother of JesusMary the Mother of John MarkMerab
Moses's MotherNaaman's MaidNaaman's Wife
NaomiNoah's WifeOholah and Oholibah
Peter's Mother-in-LawPharaoh's DaughterPhoebe
Pilate's WifePotiphar's WifeRachel
RhodaRuthSamson's Mother
Samson's WifeSapphiraSarah
Shiphrah and PuahSusannaTamar
Tamar (From 2 Samuel)The AdultressThe Daughter of Herodias
The Demon-Possessed GirlThe Egyptian PrincessThe Foolish and Wise Virgins
The Girl in the GatewayThe Queen of ShebaThe Samaritan Woman
The Servant GirlThe Shepherdess in the Song of SolomonThe Shunammite Woman
The Two Women who Sought Solomon's WisdomThe Whore of BabylonThe Widow of Nain
The Widow of ZaraphathThe Widow with the MitesThe Widow with the Oil
The Wives of Shem, Ham, and JaphethThe Woman (Revolation)The Woman of Canaan
The Woman of TekoahThe Woman with the Flow of BloodVashti
Women of the Bible WikiZereshZibiah
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